Building a blog with Gatsby

Jan 10, 2020

I decided to give Gatsby a try and use it to build my own website. For those who don’t know what Gatsby is, it’s a React-based framework for building static sites.

In other words, you build your pages using React components and Gatsby takes care of generating a bunch of static HTML, CSS and JS files when you’re ready to deploy.

It’s very easy to get started with and helps you focus on actually building your app / website rather than messing with Webpack and configuring a dozen other packages and tools!

Its documentation is excellent and I was able to get this entire site ready and understand its main concepts within about a day.

It seems to have a pretty large ecosystem of plugins, including an awesome Markdown plugin that lets you create pages using Markdown. I’m writing this very post using Markdown which is super cool because it makes it very easy to write code snippets like this:

const awesomeFramework = 'Gatsby';

console.log(awesomeFramework + ' is pretty cool');

And since I intend to mostly write about coding, using Gatsby for a personal blog is just perfect. There are a bunch of starter templates that you can use to get something up and running very quickly.