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EditionDate publishedDescription
1June 1997First edition
2June 1998Editorial changes to keep the spec aligned with the ISO/IEC 16262 international standard.
3December 1999Added regular expressions, better string handling, new control statements, try/catch exception handling, tighter definition of errors, formatting for numeric output, and other enhancements.
4Abandoned (last draft on June 2003)Disagreements over language complexity led to abandonment. Many features proposed in this edition have been completely dropped whilst some were added to the 6th edition.
5 December 2009See ECMAScript 5th Edition (ES5 / ECMAScript 2009)
5.1June 2011Fully aligned with the third edition of the international standard ISO/IEC 16262:2011.
6June 2015See ECMAScript 6th Edition (ES6 / ECMAScript 2015)
7June 2016See ECMAScript 7th edition (ES7 / ECMAScript 2016)
8June 2017[See ECMAScript 8th Edition (ES8 / ECMAScript 2017)
9June 2018See ECMAScript 9th Edition (ES9 / ECMAScript 2018)
10June 2019See ECMAScript 10th Edition (ES10 / ECMAScript 2019)
11June 2020See ECMAScript 11th Edition (ES11 / ECMAScript 2020)
12June 2021See ECMAScript 12th Edition (ES12 / ECMAScript 2021)
ESNextThe next version of ECMAScript (see What is ES.Next?)


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