sajad torkamani

I just remembered how as part of our ICT class in Year 6 of primary school, we had to create a personal website using a website builder hosted on This would have been around 2004!

The domain seems unused now, but I managed to track it down with the web archive so you can see what it looks like using this URL. Here's the screenshot:

Image of from back in the day.

I remember that had some kind of leaderboard that would list the "most popular" websites amongst a class of students. I think the algorithm for most popular was how many people commented on your personal page (called a wall) but nobody in the class except me and this other girl had figured it out. So we just kept commenting on our own walls and then, I think if I'm not mistaken, deleting them so as not to make it obvious that we were cheating.

We also figured out a way to hack the HTML of our pages to add custom styles. So instead of boring plain coloured backgrounds, we used shiny background images of I can't remember what. I do remember how proud we were of ourselves and how everyone thought we were so clever!

I never imagined I would do web development for a living many years later.

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