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  • What does the browser rendering process look like?
    • List the high-level steps the browser takes to paint something on the screen – from the initial URL navigation to creating a DOM, parsing the CSS, and so on.
  • What is time to first paint?
  • What is time to interactive?
  • What exactly is a browser?
    • Find the source code for Chromium and explore how it’s built at a high-level. Maybe create a very basic browser using QT.
  • How do iframes work? How do they share context with the parent document? What security measures are to be considered when using iframes?
  • What exactly is the DOM?
  • What are web vitals?


  • What’s the difference between things like arm64, amd64, etc?
  • What is an operating system? What are its main components?
  • What’s the difference between a thread and a process?

Chrome DevTools


  • What is electricity?

Data structures & Algorithms


  • What exactly is a container?
    • How is it possible for containers to be so isolated from each other in terms of:
      • PIDs
      • Filesystem
      • CPU / RAM usage
  • How does Docker networking work?
    • How is one container able to communicate with another container?
  • What are volumes? What problem do they solve?
  • Workflows
    • How to set up Docker for a typical development workflow?
      • Perhaps a setup that involves the following services:
        • A relational database
        • REST API
        • Redis
        • Some queuing system


  • How do CSS variables work?
  • How does <canvas> work?
  • How do colour gradients work?
  • What’s the difference between EM and REM? When should you use one or the other?
  • How do CSS transitions work?
  • What exactly does box-sizing: border-box do?



Linux / Unix

  • What is a cgroup?
  • What are process namespaces?
  • Tmux


  • How to do releases using Git tags and changelogs
  • What is internationalization?
  • How to use Jetbrain’s version control feature?


  • How does the Internet work?
  • How does DNS work?



  • What exactly is a cookie-based session?

Software engineering


Web APIs

Web security

  • What is a DDoS attack? How can I perform a DDoS myself? How can I protect against it?


  • How exactly does the TypeScript type system work? What does the TypeScript compiler do? The essentials of TypeScript
  • Learn how to increase type-safety when working with objects. I think you can utilize a combination of keyof, typeof, Record to get some good type-safety.

UI Patterns

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