sajad torkamani
sudo lsof -Pni
  • lsof: list open files.
  • -P: prevent conversion of port numbers to port names (e.g., display 80 instead of http).
  • -n: prevent conversion of network numbers to network names (e.g., display instead of production).
  • -i: only show internet addresses (i.e., in the form [protocol][@hostname|hostaddr][:service|port]).

Example output:

WirelessR  606           root    3u  IPv4 0xf76f1b9010e10d75      0t0    UDP *:*
assistant  614          sajad   24u  IPv4 0xf76f1b9010e35655      0t0    UDP *:*
netbiosd   640       _netbios    3u  IPv4 0xf76f1b9010e0a245      0t0    UDP *:137
netbiosd   640       _netbios    4u  IPv4 0xf76f1b9010e0a555      0t0    UDP *:138
mongod     674          sajad    9u  IPv4 0xf76f1b8679250a1d      0t0    TCP (LISTEN)
nginx      686          sajad    6u  IPv4 0xf76f1b867924ff8d      0t0    TCP *:8080 (LISTEN)
nginx      686          sajad    7u  IPv4 0xf76f1b867924ea6d      0t0    TCP *:80 (LISTEN)
redis-ser  687          sajad    6u  IPv4 0xf76f1b867924f4fd      0t0    TCP (LISTEN)
redis-ser  687          sajad    7u  IPv6 0xf76f1b8b43c077b5      0t0    TCP [::1]:6379 (LISTEN)