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Here are some of the tools I tend to use in most React apps.

CSS frameworks

  • Tailwind – for side or throw-away projects. Yet to use in a big app.
  • React-bootstrap – to use a solid grid system and ship professional looking UIs fast.
  • Material UILooking to experiment with.

CSS utilities

  • classnames – to conditionally join classes together. Invaluable.

Error reporting

  • Sentry – to catch and report errors in non-development environments. Invaluable tool.

Forms & form widgets

  • Formik & Yup – to make forms easier. Used on almost every project.
  • React select – awesome component that does almost anything you want when it comes to select controls.
  • Reach UI Slider – for a solid slider input that’s accessible and easy to customize.
  • cleave.js – to format inputs in various formats like currencies or date masks.
  • react-datepicker – to get a solid datepicker.


  • Next.js – for server-rendered React apps.

Hooks / utilities

  • Lodash – to help do common tasks like manipulate objects, arrays, strings, etc.
  • alibaba/hooks – “A high-quality & reliable React Hooks library”
  • date-fns – to parse, format, and manipulate dates.
  • react-use – to help do common things in React properly (run a useEffect once, set up an event listener, sync state with localStorage, etc).
  • faker – to generate random data for all sorts of things (e.g., create a fill form button for development)


  • Create React App – for small / throwaway projects or SPAs.
  • Storybook
    • To help create a design system or make it easier to create reusable components
    • Because it’s sometimes quicker to build a component in isolation than set up the context within the app.
  • chartjs – for charts.


State management / data synchronization

  • React Query / Tanstack Query – to make managing data synchronization between client and server so much easier 🚀. Indispensable. I cannot imagine React apps without it now.
  • Axios – to make HTTP requests.
  • Redux Toolkit – for complex states where a lot is going on and I need a predictable state container and the awesome Redux DevTools. Plain old React context is too much work for complex states.



  • TypeScript – to avoid so many classes of bugs and make coding more enjoyable ❤️.
  • ESLint – to catch bugs and help conform to best practices. Especially useful when used with eslint-plugin-react to help deal with the pesky dependencies array of useEffect and similar hooks 😖.
  • Prettier. To help me focus on more important things than formatting.
  • CodeSandbox – to try out new ideas.
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