sajad torkamani

API Platform is a set of tools that help you build and consume web APIs. It consists of the following components:

  • The API component: A PHP library used to create REST or GraphQL APIs. Deals with things like CRUD operations, filtering, pagination, validation, sorting, CORS, security, access control, generates OpenAPI spec, content type negotiation, etc.
  • Schema generator component
  • Admin component: a web GUI that’s generated by parsing the API documentation. Built on top of React Admin.
  • Client generator component: generates a front-end (e.g. React, Next.js, Vue, Nuxt.js, React Native) that parses the documentation of the API.
  • Docker definitions & Helm chart: used to develop and deploy on the cloud.

The API Platform team maintains a demo app that you can use as a reference / get a sense of how it can be used: