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What is Heroku Scheduler?

Heroku Scheduler is a free Heroku add-on that lets you run jobs on your app at scheduled time-intervals, much like cron in traditional server environments.

Once you install the add-on, you can use a dashboard to configure jobs to run every 10 minutes, hourly, or daily, at a specified time. The jobs will run in one-off dynos and show up in your logs as a dyno named scheduler.x. These one-off dynos also count towards you monthly usage

Install the add on

Run the following from the project directory that’s already configured with a Heroku app.

heroku addons:open scheduler

Configure Job.

Go to your app’s Heroku dashboard > Resources > Heroku Scheduler.

Click Create job.

Configure job using the Job Editor. In the Run Command field, enter whatever job you want to run.

Job Editor of Heroku Scheduler