sajad torkamani


You’ve been assigned a new task.😅


  1. Create a new note in Roam named something like ACME-38: Build opt-in modal with a template like this:
    1. In a nutshell: Summarise the task and how it helps the user/provides business value.
    2. TODO: List all the specific sub-tasks that need to be accomplished.
    3. Links: Include links to all related resources (e.g., Jira issue, Figma, PDFs, etc).
  2. Tick off each item from the TODO list. If you notice an edge case whilst doing so, append the edge case to the end of your TODO list and move it under a subtask named Handle edge cases. It may not be worth covering these edge cases as part of the current task. It might make sense to ignore them or to tackle them later when the backlog is lighter 😅 .
  3. Run through your TODO list again and test them before creating your PR.
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