sajad torkamani

In a nutshell

esbuild is a fast bundler for the web that comes with sensible defaults to handle common build requirements but which is also high-customisable.

esbuild is used by Vite during development and is much faster than alternatives like Webpack, Rollup or Parcel.

esbuild performance comparison

Getting started


npm i -D esbuild

Add a esbuild.mjs file:

import * as esbuild from 'esbuild'

let notifyPlugin = {
name: 'notify-plugin',
setup(build) {
build.onEnd(result => {
console.log(`Built with ${result.errors.length} errors`)

let ctx = await esbuild.context({
entryPoints: ['app.tsx'],
outdir: 'dist',
bundle: true,
sourcemap: true,
minify: true,
plugins: [notifyPlugin]


console.log('Watching for changes...')

Run with node esbuild.mjs and the entry point file app.tsx will be bundled to a dist/app.tsx file.

See this repo for example.