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In a nutshell

Keycloak is an open-source identity and access management service. It helps you add authentication and authorization to your applications and services with minimum effort.


Single-sign on

Users authenticate with Keycloak rather than individual applications. Keycloak handles registration / login forms, authentications, and storing of users in a database.

Once users log in to Keycloak, they don’t have to log in again to access different applications that also use Keycloak.

Social Login

Keycloak makes it easy to enable user login via social networks such as Google or Facebook.

Admin console

Keycloak provides an admin web interface where admins can:

  • Manage users, including permissions and sessions.
  • Create and manage applications and services
  • Configure social login
  • Configure authorization policies
  • Enable / disable various feature
Keycloak admin console

Account management console

Keycloak also provides a place where users can manage their own accounts and do things like:

  • Update their profile
  • Change passwords
  • Setup two-factor authentication
  • Manage sessions
  • Manage social login
Keycloak's account management console

Other notes

  • How does it compare to Auth0 or Firebase?
  • What is OpenID Connect or SAML?


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